Finding And Printing Your Mexican CURP

Finding And Printing Your Mexican CURP

Ever since the news came out that everybody, including foreigners, may get hold of free healthcare and drugs at public health amenities in Mexico simply by showing a Mexican Voter ID Card, a CURP or a birth certificate, I have been inundated with emails from readers asking me questions CURPs.

Listed below are the commonest ones along with the answers:

1. What’s a CURP?

CURP is an acronym for Clave Única de Registro de Población. It’s an alphanumeric inhabitants number that is similar to a social security number. It's issued to Mexican citizens and lawful residents.

2. How do I get a CURP?

When you've got both a temporary or everlasting resident card, you can apply for your CURP at an INM office (these are the immigration people that issued you that resident card within the first place).

3. I think I've a CURP, but I can’t discover it. How do I get one other copy of it?

You possibly can get hold of a duplicate of your CURP in PDF format without spending a dime by accessing the following authorities web web page:

Nombres (names): If you have a primary and center name on your resident card, you need to enter both of them in this field.

Primer Apellido (first final name): Should you only have one last name, put it here.

Segundo Apellido (second final name): This is not a mandatory field. In the event you only have one last name, go away this blank.

Sexo (intercourse): Mujer (woman), Hombre (man)

Fecha de Nacimiento (date of start): This will likely be in the following format: DD/MM/YYYY

Entidad Federativa de Nacimiento (Federal Entity of Birth): When you weren’t born in Mexico, scroll down to the final option: Nacido en el Extranjero.

Código de Verificación (verification code): Type the code that appears at the prime of the screen.

If your CURP was positioned, your data ought to appear on the screen:

Let’s Wrap This Up
Some resident cards have the CURP on them, some do not. If yours does, you may certainly use that in lieu of printing this document out; nevertheless, it's possible you'll wish to print one anyway so you don’t have to carry your resident card. It’s a huge pain to get a resident card replaced if it’s ever misplaced or stolen. We all know one expat who lately had to attend over six months to get their replacement card. However, if you lose your CURP paper, you possibly can always print out another one.

Linda and I do not routinely carry our resident cards; nevertheless, we do carry photographs on our phones of the entrance and back of our cards in the event that we’re ever questioned about our authorized status by INM officials or members of the Mexican National Guard (they have the authority to implement immigration laws too).

Since moving to Mexico, we’ve been stopped and questioned by INM officials on occasions. Both times was while driving by way of police checkfactors close to our residence in the Riviera Maya. The INM officers confirmed that showing them clear images of our cards was sufficient to prove we had been in the country legally and that it wasn’t obligatory to hold the actual cards on us in any respect times.

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